A New Approach to Getting Old.

With the number of pensioners growing year by year, they undoubtedly represent an increasingly important sector of our society.  Yet, in the main, their concerns, interests and aspirations are marginalised at best and virtually ignored at worst.

This unique on-line guide sets out to redress that situation, pulling together expert opinion and essential information on a huge range of topics – from keeping alligators as pets to global warming, celeriac, God and everything in between.

Arranged in a convenient alphabetical format and written almost entirely in English, Wrinklypedia gives the 21st century pensioner immediate access to endless invaluable advice that will transform virtually every aspect of their life.

Or, at least, explain to them why washing and muesli are such bad ideas. 

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  • Bills

    Although bills are an unwanted intrusion into everyone’s life, a disproportionately high number of pensioners feel obliged to pay them …

  • Conversions

    Loft conversions are an extremely good way of adding extra space to your home …

  • Potholes

    With extremes of weather becoming increasingly common, road surfaces are now routinely scarred by deep and often dangerous potholes …

  • Razor

    Occam’s razor is a philosophical principle stating that entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity …

  • Nose

    Rhinofluvium, or runny nose, is a common condition among pensioners …

  • Nostalgia

    Although almost every pensioner has more of their life behind them than in front, this is no reason to wallow in nostalgia …

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Although our aim at Wrinklypedia has always been to make use of acknowledged experts in the many topics we cover, we have usually given up fairly quickly and mostly relied on people we already know.  This may mean that occasionally, or much more often, the information and/or opinions expressed have a fairly tenuous connection with reality. No pensioners were harmed in the making of this website.