Chins, Double


Double chins are usually caused by the build-up of subcutaneous fat and the loss of elasticity in the skin below the jaw, and are sometimes accompanied by the fleshy excrescence known as wattle.

A large proportion of pensioners will develop double chins and/or wattle at some time, particularly retired violinists, shot putters, fish porters and people who move to Didcot. Retired darts players and choirboys are most likely to develop treble chins.

A minority of people undergo cosmetic surgery to eliminate double chins, either by cutting away the excess skin and pinning it to the nape of the neck or by having it sliced into micro-wafers which can then be made into curtains, otherwise known as double chintz.

Many famous people have developed double chins, including Yehudi Menuchin, Mikhail Gorbachin and Russell Grant.

Double Chinn is also the name of a ewe’s milk cheese produced in the Vale of Jowell, Derbyshire.