Although not as popular as in its heyday of the 1960s, bingo is still a regular activity for more than 3 million UK pensioners, giving them an invaluable opportunity for social interaction, practising their crosses for forthcoming elections and visiting Mecca.

Unlike almost every other leisure activity, almost 80% of bingo players are women and many form close-knit social groupings to participate in events such as hen nights, spa days, housework boycotts, shop lifting and squirrel shoots.

To encourage attendance, many operators have introduced updated alternatives to traditional bingo calls, including

1   All-time FGM prosecutions

2    Favourite type of diabetes

5   Weeks before you get Universal Credit

9   Age of consent in Alabama

11   Days before your boiler’s repaired with home emergency cover

26   Average Love Island IQ

37   Layers of cake in a Bake-Off showstopper

45   Minutes wait before a call centre answers

52   The old man’s waistline

81   Black & white films

87   New retirement age