It is now generally accepted that heatwaves will become increasingly common in the UK and to survive the potentially lethal effects of soaring temperatures, the over-65s will have to adopt a range of mitigating measures.

In preparation for this, Age Concern has recently published a handy booklet collating tried and tested strategies in heatwave management, including a wide range of simple but effective solutions such as

Creating your own mobile shade by using a parasol, wearing a portable awning or pushing a small, broadleaved tree down the back of your trousers.

Wherever possible, getting to your destination via the shallow parts of streams, rivers, canals or slurry pits.

Brushing your teeth with Factor 45 sun cream to protect your gums from burning.

Reducing humidity by filling your underwear with ice cubes and gravel.

Introducing your grandchildren to the game Let’s Fan Gran, using large towels, palm leaves or a suitable sized sheet of corrugated iron.

Starting on the north facing side of your property when undertaking external maintenance and always leaving roofing or repointing chimneys till after dark.

Ensuring adequate hydration by spending daylight hours in a pub (preferably with air conditioning).

Hibernating from April to October.