Anniversaries, Wedding


Although wedding anniversaries are a recurring part of every married pensioner’s life, it can become increasingly difficult to think of an appropriate gift to mark the occasion. However, there is now a list of modern alternatives to augment the traditional ruby, silver and gold, and the following is a selection of these which should provide thoughtful and original gifts for your partner.

27 years.  Sculpture (particularly busts of Robert Mugabe), lanyards, musical boxes.

29 years.  Stationery, milking stools, unicycles

32 years.  Rodents (excluding endangered species), wool, coracles.

37 years.  Alabaster, oil lamps, organic flax seed.

41 years.  Oven gloves, surgical instruments, Nordic slippers.

44 years.  Groceries, sundials, ornamental book ends.

48 years.  Optical goods, mastic guns, bird boxes.

53 years.  Wheelbarrows, beach towels, lacrosse rackets.