Apart from those written by Michelin-starred chefs, many recipes are extremely useful in helping pensioners extend their culinary skills and prepare a wide variety of interesting and appetising dishes.

Whatever you are making, there are certain items which will inevitably be needed and assembling the following will ensure you are properly equipped for almost every eventuality.

19” cake tin.
One ton of baking beans.
Crate of bay leaves.
Assortment of whisks.
Large bucket of tomato puree.
200’ of greaseproof paper.
Approved garnish.
Small kitchen skivvy.

Always remember that a recipe is a guide not a commandment, so replacing a stated ingredient with another is perfectly acceptable. For instance, in recipes that call for beef brisket, mandarin oranges or virgin olive oil, well-worn plimsolls, golf balls and gloss indoor varnish can be substituted without any adverse effect on the finished result.

To make recipes as instructive as possible, it’s a good idea to add comments based on your own experience. Informative remarks such as ‘had to hire a cement mixer’, ‘still stuck on inside of oven’ and ‘tasted like sick’ will all help you decide whether a particular recipe is worth persevering with.

Successful recipes should be shared with family and friends in written form or posted online at