Numerous pensioners get married, some to other pensioners, and often they enjoy a rich and rewarding relationship for many weeks or months.

However, pensioners should think carefully before marrying anyone more than 40 years their junior, anyone they’ve met on-line and lives in Thailand or anyone with children who have a conviction for threatening behaviour, actual bodily harm or murder.

If you’re not marrying for the first time. it’s wise not to continually make comparisons with your previous partner, especially if they’re still alive, living in the area and prone to stalking. If your previous partner is dead, it’s equally thoughtless to insist on keeping their ashes on your bedside table, and if they died in suspicious circumstances, it’s also imprudent to keep poisons or other toxic substances in the bathroom cabinet.

Although it may seem unromantic to some, pre-nuptial contracts can be a sensible precaution to take, but forcing your prospective partner to sign by holding him or her over the edge of Beachy Head may invalidate the agreement. Even though it’s unlikely that your union will be blessed with children, it’s still possible to enjoy a full family life by adopting a number of orphans from various third world countries as Madonna and other celebrities have done.