Trust, National


The National Trust is a greatly respected organisation whose main aims fall into four areas.

1. Buying large tracts of land so that rare breed cattle can use coastal footpaths.

2. Placing large houses in cryogenic suspension so that nothing within 25 miles exists after 1826 and everyone wears a smock.

3. Selling thimbles, pickle, address books and hand cream at inflated prices.

4. Dusting bannisters.

Pensioners who compile bucket lists often include visiting every National Trust attraction in the UK among their ambitions, and since 2008, the organisation has commemorated every pensioner who’s died at one of their properties with a bronze plaque in the shape of an oak leaf. The first of these was awarded to a retired saddle-maker from Nuneaton, who choked on a piece of tea loaf at Dapdune Wharf in Surrey.