Many pensioners receive diaries as Christmas presents and these are usually consigned to a charity bag if they haven’t already been used as kindling. However, knowing the dates of public holidays in Canada and the stations of the Moscow underground may be very useful if you intend to hitch-hike around the world or enter a quiz night at your local hostelry.

Keeping a diary can present an interesting record of your day-to-day activities, which will give friends and relatives an evocative insight into your life. On the other hand, if every entry reads

Got up – went to shops – painted my shoes – fell down stairs – polished the cat – went to bed

then your friends and relatives are likely to use your diary for kindling as well.

Diaries is not an old Welsh golfer.

Diaries is not where milk is bottled.

Diaries is not the plural of diarrhoea.