Cleaning, Carpet


Once you reach pension age, you will undoubtedly be targeted by local carpet cleaning firms with an array of seemingly special offers.


Having a carpet cleaned will inevitably make paintwork on doors and skirting boards look shoddy, so you’re likely to feel obliged to have that redone by another local tradesman, who may well do an excellent job and so make all of your upholstery look extremely shabby.

Upholstery cleaning shows up faults in walls and ceilings, which will have to be rectified by another local tradesman, who will almost certainly point out the perilous condition of your ceiling roses, which will demand complete rewiring and in the process, uncover wet and dry rot in your floorboards and rafters, which after several expensive treatments will prove incurable and lead to the complete demolition of your home.

In a recent survey, more than 68% of rough sleepers confirmed that having their carpets cleaned was the main cause of their homelessness.