Remedies, Herbal


Herbal remedies are tried and tested alternatives to conventional medicines and are now widely available from specialist shops, supermarkets and online retailers.

Following extensive independent research, the six most effective herbal remedies have been identified as follows:

Purslane and restharrow. Excellent antidote to lethargy, sleeplessness, facial tics and rebellious legs.

Hyssup syrup. Applied to bruises, rashes, spots and warty eruptions. Soothing, cooling effect, though can stick clothes to the skin.

Marjoram seeds. Lightly dusted in shoes to prevent chilblains, blisters and foot rot or as a garnish on salad sandwiches as a treatment for stuttering.

Dill pill. Capsule form of the herb, taken twice a day during lambing, while wallpapering or at village fetes.

Good-King-Henry. A type of goosefoot used to lessen the effects of beheading or dissolving monasteries.

Soil. Multi-purpose remedy used in dry, liquid or baked form to treat a huge range of conditions from baldness (apply thick layer to head) to malingering (apply thick layer to tongue).