Farms, Wind


Wind farms can now be found in numerous parts of the UK and in 2013, they grew and harvested more than 80% of the country’s organic turbines.

Mature turbines (turbinia giganticus) can grow to 657 feet (200 metres), with four-bladed rotors made of leeks capable of generating as much as three kilowatts of electricity during the UK’s hurricane season from late September to early March.

The UK’s biggest wind farm runs for 16 miles along the summit of the Pennines, and since its completion in 2007, has supplied the entire electricity for nine houses and a bungalow with loft conversion in Walshaw Dean Avenue, Slaggyford.

However, wind farms remain a matter of some controversy, and for this reason, an increasing number are being sited off-shore, where they can also be used to air-dry seaweed for laverbread production.