Names, Pub


For centuries, the names of UK hostelries have been inspired by historical, geographical and cultural references, such as the White Hart, reflecting Richard II’s coat of arms; the Elephant & Castle, reflecting the popularity of keeping African wildlife as pets among 17th century nobility; and the Barley Mow, reflecting the preferred hairstyle of 16th century farmhands.

The practice continues to the present day and in a recent competition organised by Witherspoons (itself named after the traditional rural craft of making cutlery from horse parts) to devise the most apt and original names to reflect modern life and times, the three winning suggestions were

The MILF & Sturgeon – reflecting the sexualisation of the internet and the rise of Scottish Nationalism

The Fry & Lorry – reflecting the omnipresence of Stephen Fry and the problem of illegal immigration via Calais

The Big Brother & the Holding Company – reflecting the ubiquitous nature of reality TV and the increasing use of tax avoidance schemes by large multinationals.