Day, International Waffle


In 2015, March 25th has been designated International Waffle Day (except on Foula (See Islands), where it will be the 19th and Adopt a Guillemot Day).

As yet, it is unclear whether the waffle in question refers to the tasteless cake made of sawdust or speaking in an overlong, monotonous way – so the best option to mark this special day is probably to buy some waffles and talk tediously about them for several hours.

In addition, there is some suggestion that waffle is a typographical error for yaffle, in which case, you should grill a green woodpecker to go on top of the waffle you blather on about in order to cover all eventualities.

A small number of people also claim the correct word should be wattle, in which case, you should add a layer of twigs and sticks beneath the green woodpecker you’re toasting on a waffle and prattling on about.