Although many younger women see handbags as a fashion accessory or status symbol, the vast majority of female pensioners view them in purely practical terms – providing a simple and manageable way to have convenient access to a wide range of useful items which would otherwise require a small flatbed truck to carry.

According to bagdaddy.com, the average weight of a pensioner’s handbag is 43.3 llbs (19.6 kilos) and the typical contents include 2 purses, 2 pairs of spectacles in cases, 3 notepads, a chequebook, a box of tissues, a cucumber, a telescopic umbrella, 22 various cosmetics, 11 keys, a small badger, 2 pairs of gloves, a lemon drizzle cake, a pair of slippers, 63 hair grips, a carton of plasters, a bird table, 3 hair brushes, 2 pairs of tweezers, a box of fire lighters and a whisk

Because of the cumulative weight and low value of the individual items, the incidence of bag snatching has declined by more than 77% in recent years and most perpetrators of the crime can now be easily identified from the police hernia and dislocated shoulder database.