Click, Collect &


Click and collect is a recently introduced retail service specifically developed for people who are so busy taking selfies that they don’t have time to examine or evaluate anything they might want to buy.

In the grocery sector alone, click & collect now accounts for almost 8% of UK sales, with the average order of 29 items accurately reflecting the digital demographic by including celeriac, pesto, organic batteries, virtual meringues, sourdough dumplinettes, reusable matches, Bikram yoghurt and 21 items of the wrong size, weight, colour, price or alcoholic content.

Click & collect is now being introduced to other areas of activity and since being made compulsory for claiming pensioner benefits such as winter fuel allowances, free TV licenses and free prescriptions, there has been a 72% reduction in their take-up and the UK government has saved close to £17 billion.