Waterfalls are stunning examples of the beauty to be found in nature and many pensioners derive enormous pleasure from them.

Niagara Falls is probably the most famous waterfall in the world and a number of travel companies organise accompanied tours for pensioners to enjoy the spectacle. Several also include a tightrope walk across the falls or a cascade down them in a barrel, but these should only be undertaken by pensioners who have no grasp of reality or concern for their own mortality.

Home waterfalls can easily be constructed by piercing your central heating header tank with a screwdriver, adapting the bathroom basin with a sledgehammer or installing an incontinent friend in your conservatory – and within a few months, these should be bedecked with moss and ferns and have nesting dippers somewhere along its flow.

Mobile waterfalls – such as water cannon and fire engines – have limited usefulness for most pensioners.