Helicopters are excellent forms of aerial transport, not only because they can take off and land vertically, but also because flown upside down they can harvest a four-acre field of maize in less than 30 seconds.

The concept of the helicopter was first developed by Leonardo da Vinci but it was not until the invention of the joystick by Victorian bordello owners and the rotor blade by Leander Rowing Club that the practical components necessary for its actual construction became available.

The Ukrainian-born engineer, Igor Sikorsky (after whom the biro is also named) began the modern development of the helicopter in 1939 and today they are used in military operations (usually flown by Prince Harry), air-sea rescue (usually flown by Prince William) and musicals (usually flown by Prince the artist formerly known as a squiggle).

Despite its name, the chopper bike does not have VTOL capabilities and cannot achieve an altitude above 18” (48cm) unless launched from a fairground cannon.