Clubs, Book


Book clubs are a very good way to meet people who share your interest in literature and more importantly, for pensioners, have plenty of food and drink they’re happy to share.

If you’re not really interested in reading, you can still become a valued member by using phrases such as

“I found the structure quite intriguing but the main characters were, in my view, somewhat one-dimensional.”


“The imagery was enchanting but the narrative momentum was too often usurped by avocation.”

However, your sincerity and knowledge may be called into question if your critique of The Tale of Two Cities is along the lines of

“There weren’t any pictures and the words were too long.  What’s a tumbrel anyway?”

Over the past 10 years, the most popular books with book clubs have been

Captain Corelli’s Mandarin.  A love story involving an Italian soldier and a Chinese emperor.

The Da Vinci Toad.  A love story involving a renaissance painter and a small amphibian.

Wife of Pie.  A love story involving a married woman and a goat’s cheese tart.