Yawning, or oscitation, is a reflex action which naturally occurs when looking at wedding photos, listening to vegans discussing lentils or driving through Stockport.

Although usually interpreted as a sign of tiredness or boredom, in some cultures it is seen as a sign of prophetic ability, with the Tzā€™utjill peoples of Central America worshipping a god called Yornalotl, whose image has a cavernous mouth into which alpacas and sometimes people with moustaches were sacrificed.

Yawning and stretching at the same time, or pandiculation (see Words, Unnecessary) is particularly prevalent among students, circus performers and cats, while yawning and making a strange noise at the same time is known as Bjorking.

Yawning is also a small town in Nevada (population 672) which is twinned with Stockport.