Cubbyhole, Aunty Dora’s


Aunty Dora’s Cubbyhole is a small mediaeval structure set on the top of Rame Head in Cornwall and is the county’s fourth most popular attraction after the Eden Project, the Polperro Organic Pasty Museum and the Bevis Dungaree & Tractor Carnival.

Originally thought to be a chapel dedicated to St Cuby (whose well is less than 40 miles away) it is now believed to have been the private sanctuary of the 12th Century witch, Dora Treworgey, who reputedly kept her grimalkin, sieve and trout in a secret chamber beneath the floor of the cubbyhole.

Indeed, an archaeological survey conducted in 1993 revealed the existence of a rude kist containing not only the aforementioned items but also the remains of a piskie familiar, a recipe for chough and seal roulade and a four-page tract written in the Cornish language, detailing Lammastide discounts on wattle and daub holiday cottages in  Sven Gorran Haven.

The relics are now kept at the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery near Loswithiel and are regularly visited by Prince Charles in his ceremonial role as the Keeper of the Witch.