In many ways, being a bishop is the ideal job for a pensioner, particularly those who like blessing people who haven’t sneezed, have big enough ears to support a mitre and prefer to move in diagonal lines at all times.

Although the actual appointment procedure is somewhat shrouded in mystery, it’s probably helpful if you have experience in a related vocation such as investment banking or property development, while a working knowledge of faith-based activities such as dowsing, wart charming and supporting the England rugby team is useful but not essential.

Most bishoprics come with a rent-free palace – which can be rented out for hen nights and executive paintball bonding sessions to augment your income – and you’ll also receive a generous annual allowance to cover the cost of alb and chasuble repair, font waterproofing and scones.

As of 2015, women are also eligible to become bishops, but to distinguish them from their male counterparts, they won’t be allowed to wear dresses, play the guitar or collect vergers.