For most pensioners, knitting can be a very useful craft, enabling them to produce stylish and individual articles of clothing at relatively low cost, while also stimulating manual dexterity and concentration.

It’s best to begin with something simple, like a scarf, table mat or handkerchief, and once proficient at these, you can move on to items incorporating holes, tassels and several pairs of legs.  With experience, the complexity of your stitchwork will also increase, and after 15 -20 years, you should be able to complete several rows of Flemish Garter Overcast, Lazy Daisy Crewels and even Florentine Honeycomb with Saddle Rib Blind Baskets.

Joining a knitting bee is a good way to enlarge your circle of friends and meet a representative cross-section of anally retentive geriatrics.