Cookers, Slow


Slow cookers are an extremely good way to prepare tasty, nutritious meals and are ideally suited to pensioners who generally have fewer constraints on their time.

Although there are scores of books offering hundreds of different recipes, anything you put into a slow cooker will turn out as a stew, including puddings, salads, small items of jewellery, offcuts of wood and shoes.

Around 10% of what you put in will stick to the bottom of the slow cooker and over time, this may restrict the amount of food you are able to cook to three or four kidneys, a teaspoon of tomato puree and a broad bean.

Slow cookers are an extremely economical way to heat socks, hats and underwear during very cold weather and can also provide an excellent recuperative environment for any distressed birds, hedgehogs or paper boys you may find within your messuage (see Words, Unnecessary)