Greco, El


El Greco was a Spanish-based Greek artist (real name Domenikos Theotokopoulos) whose work married Latin passion with Hellenic cultural references in the depiction of highly charged biblical scenes.

He came to prominence in 1577, with his altar piece, The Madonna of Tzatziki, in Toledo’s San Domingo et Antigua, and was championed by the famous Spanish cricketer, Don Bradmano.

During his most productive period (1579 – 1586) he completed some 700 works, including The Martyrdom of St John the Baklava, The Blessing of the Taramasalata and The Moussaka being expelled from the Garden of Eden.

He fell from favour following his unconsummated marriage to the Infanta, Julia Inglesias, and spent his final years as a minstrel with the travelling flamenco group The Fetacinnis.