Dating, Online


Online dating is a very good way for pensioners to widen their social circle, make new friends and even embark on rewarding relationship with Nigerians and Latvians named Idris Mbelba or Karlie Minogavic, who only need £15,000 to pay for their little brother’s life-saving operation before they leap on a plane and land on your doorstep in the twinkling of an eye.

Sadly, there are also numerous instances of older people losing their life savings to heartless fraudsters, so it’s imperative that you not only use an established and respected website, but also create a personal profile that stresses your dire financial circumstances, the rudeness of the bothy in which you live and the aggressive allergic reactions you experience when in the company of people from Nigeria and Latvia.

According to, the best dating sites for pensioners are Mainly for people who like to go to sporting events and have an interest in arson. Mainly for people who live in country cottages or wear a wig.

Bumble.con. Mainly for people who have hives or are currently reading Oliver Twist. Mainly for pople who think there are to many vowls in the alphbet. Mainly for people who are not looking for a sexual relationship and prefer to play deck games on ocean-going liners.