Mensa is an organisation for people who believe they’re more intelligent than everyone else and its name is derived from the Latin for the mind (mens) with the addition of an arbitrary vowel to avoid it being confused with a public toilet.

Membership is assessed via an approved IQ test, which usually includes questions such as

Which of these shapes is wrong?     Δ    ◊        o

What is the colour missing from this sequence?    1    17    38    –    5

Which is the odd one out?     EVEN    TWO    IN

EDDIE is to HOWE as JAMES is to WATT?

Over the past decade, Mensa has introduced a number of special chapters for specific categories such as Womensa, Childrensa and Transgensa, and in the near future, it plans to cater for further distinctive groups, including cat owners (Kittensa), witches (Covensa), birdwatchers (Ravensa), herbalists (Fathensa), double glazing salesmen who live in East Anglia (Fensa) and black people (Tokensa).