Antiques is an umbrella term which now covers any item more than two years old, excluding animals, food and Marty Wilde records.

They are most commonly found at car boot sales, jumble sales and charity shops, and are broadly divided into four main groups.

Horrible orange things such as Whitefriars glass, Beswick horses and David Dickinson.

Useless silver things such as vinaigrettes, etuis and Long Johns.

Strange ceramic things such as majolica planters, hip joints and Andrew Lloyd-Webber

Bric-a-brac such as everything else.

Antiques are now the subject of the third most common genre of TV programmes, including Flog It, in which members of the public are flayed by a Cornishman for owning a Clarice Cliffe teapot, Cash in the Arctic, in which people dressed as polar explorers search for artefacts to be auctioned in Alaska, and Antiques Rogue Trip, in which two very old people discuss their hallucinations while taking LSD.