Pi (Л )


Pi (Л ) is a mathematical constant invented by the narcissistic Greek mathematician, Pithagoras, and is used in a variety of calculations, such as the area enclosed by a circle (Лr2), the internal space of a picnic hamper (pork Л ), the optimum duration of osculation (pucker Л) and the probability of UK pensioners ever receiving an adequate state pension (Л in the sky).

In general use, the approximate value ascribed to Л  is 3.1415, but where a higher degree of accuracy is required – such as the calculation of mortgage repayments for country properties (cottage Л) – it is now standard practice to use Haruka’s rendition to 31.4 trillion digits, viz and to wit

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105826974944592307816486 …